Why Bundle Insurance?

It seems that every insurance company commercial is advertising a new bundle for home and car insurance. But for those of us who don’t know a thing about insurance, what is a bundle, and is it really worth it?

Well, a bundle is exactly what it sounds like. People pay one lower price for two or more pieces of insurance and save more money than buying them separately. The bundles from companies like unifor alberta are often a lot cheaper, and if you’ve seen or used the concept of bundles before, then you know why. For example let’s take a traditional video game bundle.

You can normally get game A for $50, game B for $30, and game C for $45. That’s over $125 dollars. But when they are bundled, you can get them all for only $75 dollars, which is massive savings. Insurance works the same way, where it makes more sense to bundle insurance rather than pay for everything separately.

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Most insurance companies want to keep a customer for a very long time and have them be a part of as many claims as possible. Going to one company for everything is a lot cheaper than having one company for your car insurance, one for your home insurance, and a third for your life insurance. Plus, keeping track of all three insurance needs and payments would drive anyone nuts. It’s in your benefit as well as the companies benefit to keep you on place, and they do this by offering bundles.

Bundles require some research and consideration, but most of the time they are reliable and cheaper ways to get your insurance at a cheaper cost. Also, you’ll just have to deal with one insurance company, and that’s a lot easier than messing with three companies and three programs.